Azilia Films in Liberia, West Africa!

Just back from Liberia with exciting news! We researched the CV/L Project and assessed  logistics for on-location filming. The trip was highly successful due in large part to the courtesies and cooperation of the Liberian government, Grand Bassa County, and the Sirleaf family. Most importantly, we confirmed that numerous families descended from the Chattahoochee Valley emigrants remain in the Buchanan area. We’ll post more pictures and information from the trip in the coming weeks.

Pre-production trailer shoot: Azilia Films’ Matt McDaniel

We’re nearing completion of shooting for our pre-production trailer! Azilia Films’ Matt McDaniel sat down to discuss the unique connection Columbus, Georgia and Eufaula, Alabama share with Liberia in West Africa. Matt’s historical research, documented in the book Emigration to Liberia from the Chattahoochee Valley of Georgia and Alabama, 1853-1903 (NewSouth Books or Amazon), will inform our production. Over 500 African-Americans left the Chattahoochee Valley to start new lives in West Africa between 1853 and 1903, the vast majority departing right after the Civil War in 1867 and 1868.

CV/L Project Kicks Off

We held a kick-off meeting for the CV/L Project on December 6th with our advisory committee in Columbus… thanks to everyone who could attend! Azilia staff included Matt McDaniel, Hal Pope, Dan Quigley, and CV/L Project principal Jeanne Cyriaque. Advisory Committee members in attendance included Silvia Bunn, Dr. Virginia Causey, Dr. Nadine Regis, V.J. Roberts, Dr. James Sirleaf, and Paul Yarwaye. It was a GREAT meeting with lots of energy, enthusiasm, and ideas. We plan to go “public” with the project early next year and begin soliciting interest and feedback from the community. We’re so excited to be off and running!


L-R: Matt McDaniel, Silvia Bunn, Paul Yarwaye, Jeanne Cyriaque, Dr. James Sirleaf, Dr. Nadine Regis, Hal Pope, V.J. Roberts, and Dr. Virginia Causey. Thanks Dan Q. for taking the pic!