Azilia Films enters preproduction on second film, The Wintering Grounds

Azilia Films has entered preproduction on its second film project, The Wintering Grounds, a short documentary film which will highlight a nomadic kayaking community that has sprung up on urban whitewater in the Deep South-city of Columbus, Georgia.

The film’s title refers to the name these globe-traveling, world-class freestyle kayakers have named their beloved wintertime campsite. The group gathers in downtown Columbus each winter to sharpen their skills in the mild weather and warmer waters, and to share camaraderie and companionship with fellow competitors and their families.

Unlike any other place in the world, Columbus’s Chattahoochee River whitewater offers these professional athletes an easily accessible yet challenging venue, all within a friendly community and hospitable wintertime location .

Director Jeff Springer (Rodents of Unusual Size) will bring fresh perspective and the vision of an award-winning documentary filmmaker to the project.

Learn more about the project here.

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