Azilia Films in Liberia, West Africa!

Just back from Liberia with exciting news! We researched the CV/L Project and assessed  logistics for on-location filming. The trip was highly successful due in large part to the courtesies and cooperation of the Liberian government, Grand Bassa County, and the Sirleaf family. Most importantly, we confirmed that numerous families descended from the Chattahoochee Valley emigrants remain in the Buchanan area. We’ll post more pictures and information from the trip in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Azilia Films in Liberia, West Africa!

  1. I am a Liberian currently living in the United States. I am very elated to see something being done about the historical links between Liberia and our U.S connections/ relatives. I wish there is a way that I could participate in this endeavor to spread the word to other African Americans and expose them to the welcoming embrace of Liberia toward them.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for your interest! Please continue to follow our progress; one easy way to help is to follow or like us and share our content on your social media feeds, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Financial contributions, however large or small, are tax deductible as well. Thanks again!!!

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