Ellen Johnson Sirleaf touts Azilia Films project during visit to Columbus

Our project team had a great time helping welcome Liberian President and Nobel laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to our hometown. Azilia’s Matt McDaniel had the honor of introducing her when she spoke at Midtown Medical Center. President Sirleaf repeatedly spoke to Columbus’s and Liberia’s past and present associations in several speaking engagements around town, associations our first film will explore. Beyond great to have such a notable supporter and fan!

EJS_at_MMCPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf speaks to a standing-room-only crown at Midtown Medical Center in Columbus.

MS_at_MMCMidtown Medical Center’s Mike Stewart speaks to Columbus’s historic association with Liberia.

AZ_at_MMCAzilia Films’ Hal Pope, Silvia Bunn, Matt McDaniel, and V.J. Roberts after President Sirleaf’s speech at Midtown Medical Center.

AZ_at_JS_1James Sirleaf, Dan Quigley, Matt McDaniel, Hal Pope, and V.J. Roberts with President Sirleaf.

AZ_at_JS_2All smiles! 🙂

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