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Second successful research trip to Liberia

We just returned from a second highly successful research trip to Monrovia and Buchanan, Liberia, where we positively identified two families directly descended from the Chattahoochee Valley emigrants and got leads for several more. Further, we continued to build local connections with Liberian government officials, institutions, and businesspersons who will help ensure success for our upcoming production trip.

Azilia Films’ Matt McDaniel (L) and H.C. Reaves (R), our man on the ground in Buchanan, Liberia.
Rev. Samuel Reaves, descendant of the Hall family of Eufaula, Alabama, at Providence Baptist Church, Monrovia, oldest in Liberia.
Undocumented Americo-Liberian architecture in Buchanan, Liberia.
Canoes on the beach, Buchanan, Liberia.
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