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Chattahoochee Valley Liberian Emigrant List, 1853-1890

Do you have Chattahoochee Valley roots and Liberian family connections?

The American Colonization Society, or ACS, kept rolls of the African-Americans it sponsored to emigrate to Liberia (see image below). The Chattahoochee Valley emigrants from Columbus, Georgia and Eufaula, Alabama made up a significant percentage of ACS-sponsored emigres, especially after the Civil War. Most located in Grand Bassa County in and around the port city of Buchanan.

These records are an important part of our film, Liberia: An American-African Legacy. We are using this list to research and identify Chattahoochee Valley descendants in Liberia. Our plan is to knit this story — and hopefully families — together again. It is a fascinating story little known in the United States.

Check out the full list of Chattahoochee Valley emigrants here: Chattahoochee Valley Emigrants to Liberia 1853-1890

Please feel free to contact us if you share both Chattahoochee Valley and Liberian family roots. We’d love to know and connect with you!

A page from the ACS’s African Repository and Colonial Journal documenting Columbus, Georgia emigrants to Liberia

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